Shoes Are Important

Do you know that shoes are an important part of being prepared?


Here’s your “Every Day Ready” tip for today. Every night before you go to bed, put a pair of shoes beside your bed (or under your bed so you don’t trip on them in the dark).

Shoes? Really?

“Why?” you may ask.

Because, after a disaster, your feet get you out of the house. You might have to run over broken glass. Or climb over fallen shelves that were once full of your beautiful ceramic angels. Wiggling your toes in a snow bank in the middle of the night doesn’t sound fun to me. Does it sound fun to you? No.

This is so simple, yet can save you a pot-load of grief.

What kind of shoes? The kind of shoes that you can quickly slip on in the dark.

The “Children/Shoe Challenge”

Make sure each family member has a pair of shoes by their beds, as well. I know with children this can be rather like trying to herd cats. There were days when I felt blessed if my kids had matching shoes on when we went to the store. Give it your best shot. Persistence pays off, usually.

You might get them a special pair of rain boots to keep exclusively as their “emergency boots” — just a joke, I know this won’t work. But maybe you can make a game of finding them every night before bed and putting them in a special “emergency boots spot.” I don’t recommend allowing them to wear their emergency boots to bed. They may anyway, but I don’t recommend it.

No Shoe Laces Equals No Tripping

I’m philosophically opposed to buying children’s shoes that have shoe laces. I found that trying to teach my Littles how to tie shoes was an exercise in total frustration–for all of us. Cowboy boots are good. Rain boots. Even fuzzy winter boots. Uncle Guy taught my oldest darling how to tie her shoes ( I think her grandma gave her tie shoes…warning…grandma’s are like that). My darling taught the rest on down the line. It was a fabulous system. (Small confession here of one of my many inadequacies as a parent).

Your Evening Ritual

Therefore…every night after you brush your teeth and pee (there’s a word that’s more delicate than saying “pee.” I read it in a trashy romance novel once. Sorry, the word just isn’t percolating to the top of my brain). As I was saying, after your evening ritual, before you climb into bed, make sure you put your shoes where your feet can easily find them.

Your feet may thank me someday.

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