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Living Providently is a precious gift as it allows families to be self-sustaining in times of crisis and uncertainty.

Currently this country,DSC09022 Provident Living even this world,some say is in a state of chaos as providers are laid off from their jobs or are feeling the tension with the economy the way it is.

With  income lowered or not coming into the home it makes can add stress.

Rent or house payments, car payments, credit cards, school loans, or whatever other debt you may have can feel like an elephant on your shoulders.

Unfortunately some families have turned to credit cards to help pay bills, buy food or other necessities making the cycle even harder to break, as those payments with interest rates soaring, make it seem impossible to pay off.

Add ill health or a natural disaster to all of this and it’s hard to know where to turn.


Like the Kid President says, “Sometimes your kite flies high in the sky and other

times your kite gets stuck in a tree. That’s just the way it is. But you are not alone.

you have many friends and loved one around you.” is dedicated to helping you ready your home and family to be able to conquer whatever challenge comes your way.

Between learning what you can here

and relying on your family and your faith you will be able to weather any storm.

In this Provident Living section you will be able to find all sorts of resources as I develop and expand this site.

LivingProvident includes:

Food Page where you can get information on food storage including canning, freezing, dehydrating, cooking with food storage and many other great resources.

Ann Emergency Preparedness Plan where I am offering a step by step monthly guide of how to prepare your family.  This guide provides you goals of what to obtain that month and if it is a food item I will also provide recipes of how to use the storage item.

A Craft Area where resources are provided for inexpensive gift giving ideas.

A Business Page – with 101 ways to earn an income from home – Online using blogging or other social media tools…

and more to come…

We are developing a finance area as-well-as other great resources.

 Provident Living
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