Provident living

Provident Living

Provident living is as much an attitude as it is a way of life. It touches every aspect of life: physical, financial, emotional, and spiritual.

Provident living encourages you to be responsible for yourself and your family. This involves being prepared for disasters by being able to take care of your family and neighbors during a disaster.

Your needs can include:

  • Having enough food on hand to last several days to several weeks.
  • Being able to care for those who are injured, and
  • Being emotionally strong enough to get through the challenges involved with surviving a disaster.

It’s wise to address each area before a disaster.

PHYSICAL: Get in shape by exercise and practice weight control. Stop habits that harm your health. Get an annual physical. Get a dental check up. Take care of small problems before they become large problems.

FINANCIAL: Educate yourself. Vocational programs or college may help you learn skills to maximize your income. Don’t spend more than you earn. Pay off all debt. Don’t create debt by borrowing money or using credit cards. Stop bad habits like smoking or impulsive shopping that waste your resources.

EMOTIONAL: Develop a healthy support system of family, friends, and organizations that make your heart happy. Count your blessings. Don’t criticize others or complain about circumstances you can’t control. Laugh. Hug someone (preferably someone you know).

SPIRITUAL: Practice what you preach and allow others to believe as they wish. Serve others. Volunteer. Share a talent or gift that you have. Smile at strangers–and those you know. Forgive.

Keep Trying

Provident living is much easier said than done, I know. Can a person really do all these things? I don’t know. I’ve incorporated some of the above changes in my life. I continue my efforts.

I’m a work in progress. You’re a work in progress. Maybe we can help each other.


Believe that you have the ability to be happy. Believe that you can create a vision for your life and work toward that vision.

Ask yourself, what one thing can I do today that will create joy in my life? What one thing can I do today to be better prepared for my future?

Do it

Now let’s go do it.

Just in case you’re interested, here is one of my favorite preparedness web sites. The Survival Mom, Lisa Bedford is my hero!

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Welcome. Thanks for stopping by. As a Daughter, Mother, and Grandmother, my life is loaded. No one has ever accused me of being organized, but I have a picture in my head how I want things to be. It's always good to have goals, right? Prepping has been a way of life for me from the time my mom taught me how to bottle apricot jam. I didn't embrace the experience. Now I get nervous if my jam cupboard starts looking bare. Living provident wasn't a choice I made when I was younger and poorer. Now I see the wisdom of being prepared, managing my resources, and - you know - really living providently. Join me on this amazing journey. Let me know what you think about my little neighborhood. Share your wisdom with me. I need all the help I can get. Together, we can make preparedness a positive concept.